『猛哥』向2013大英啤酒博览会遥敬一杯 ? Port Brewi

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本周813-17日,腾博会官网998,英国一年一度的啤酒盛事- (Great British Beer FestivalGBBF)又回到位于伦敦那建做作风古典的 热闹登场了~~

我作志工服务有八个年头无国界的佳酿国际啤酒区(Bières Sans Frontières-BSF bar) 今年的打算与往年有蛮大的不同,按照啤酒产区与供应方法分成了四个小区,有近1000种精选各地的佳酿喔~~

    一如平常,美国『酿酒人协会』(Brewer’sAssociation) 今年也连续大力相助辅助远洋运来了近85()各地中小型精酿酒厂的桶内二次发酵生啤(American Real/Cask Ales)以及百种瓶装啤酒,由于切实种类太多,连美国啤酒都分成了两个吧来经营...

    ** 酒单查查这里 真是『哈逝世ㄟ羊』~~


    今年去不成大英啤酒节作美国啤酒区的志工 + 喝不到好棒好棒的桶内二次发酵版... 今晚只好开瓶好酒解解馋()!!庆幸地,这真是近年来喝到最最最棒的美式双重IPA啊啊啊啊~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    Port Brewing, Mongo (India Pale Ale), 8.5%abv. (American DIPA)

    Coming in a slim, 650ml brown bomber; bottled on 11/3/11, served mildly chilled in a straight imperial pint glass.

    4.25/5 Appearance: pours a lightly effervescent, dark golden colour, coming with a superbly lasting light beige frothy head and very fine and consistent carbonation.

    4.25/5 Smell: the nose is packed of resinous perfume and tropical fruits on a sound bedrock of pale malts, featuring sweet mangoes, ripe lychee flesh, flower nectar, finer touches of sweet citrus/grapefruits,腾博会官网998, and almost English pale malt-like lightly stinky but deeply gristy malt aroma, while the overripe fruit-estery tones come almost seamlessly as part of the overall fruity theme. Given the alc. level clocked at 8.5%, there comes almost no sign of alc. on the nose.

    4.5/5 Taste: effervescent with fine fizziness, the aromatic entry boasts tremendously delicious, complex and yet “focused” (what do I mean??!!) flavour of mixed fruity and spicy hops, then an intense palate of resinous hops cuts deep down, coupled with nicely dry and almost lychee-shell-ish aromatic tannic bitterness and a whiff of rather rounded alc. warmth to linger in the end. The acidity is tuned to level with the bitter-hoppy and sweet-malty departments on a harmonious ratio, appreciated fully at the tail of each sip, where the beer’s well attenuated quality just manifests itself naturally.

    4.75/5 Mouthfeel & 4.75/5 Overall: absolutely sensational, the quality of this double IPA is likely at its prime (can’t be sure as haven’t tried the same beer at a different stage of its bottled life); the carbonation comes sublimely soft,腾博会官网998, the body robust yet approachable, the flavour profile complex but intriguingly neat, well-structured and beautifully balanced, and the attenuation nearly perfect to showcase everything without rendering a heavy/thick feel. All in all, this is definitely the BEST IPA-style ale I’ve had in recent years. Toast to Mongo, and toast to GBBF-BSF bar which unfortunately I couldn’t volunteer to work for this year!

    --Yau (14/08/2013)